He's just too cute, he is so proud of his report card - and he should be!

Photos Of Quilt

Here are a few photos of the quilt. The quilt is queen size, it is beautiful! I bought it from a boy who was about thirteen years old.

Recently, I was informed that we would be able to send boxes to our sponsored kids. I have the boxes ready to go, as a matter of fact - I used totes, so the families could reuse them. I've been praying about what I should and should not send, money has been very tight - yet I feel like God does not want me to go without giving to our sponsored kids this shipment. Besides, who I am to say money has been tight - when our families go hungry... I can honestly say we have not had to go hungry. I feel that most people who live in America can find food someplace.

When visiting Guatemala, I actually watched as children would sit on the sidewalk hungry... crying in hopes that they will come across someones scrap food that evening.

Here are some of the items inside of the totes:

  • Clothes Line & Clothes Pins
  • Bar Soap
  • Jeans and shirts for the boys
  • A doll for Marcos' sister - I noticed while visiting, her doll was missing a leg and it was naked
  • 2 Hot Wheels for each boy
  • Bubbles
  • Sketch books, construction paper, glue, markers, pencil boxes, pencils, pencil sharpners, crayons
  • Socks & Under ware
  • Paddle ball games
  • Toothbrushes & Toothpaste
  • 3 Bags of Candy in each tote (I know, it kind of counter acts the toothpaste lol)
  • Ballons
  • Photo albums with photos of the families and us with the families
  • Dishtowels
  • One big bath towel each
  • Hair brushes
  • Mickey Mouse Puzzles for each

Quilt Auction

I'll be auctioning off the handmade quilt I bought in Guatemala. I love it, but feel so guilty having it - knowing I can sell it to put the money towards our students!


I'll let you know when, and I'll let you know the ebay link when it's ready. :)

I'm Pouting

So, are you wondering why I'm pouting?

Today, I've thought so much of the boys we sponsor in Guatemala. I am just sad that they have to live in total poverty. I'd bring their whole families to come live with us in a heart beat if I could!

I really need to come up with the funds so that two of the boys can have a cement floor put in their homes, and Oscars family needs a bed... Marcos and his family need a table.

I just started making jewelry, so I think I may try to sell a few pieces.

I received photos of Oscar today, they are terrific! I notice he's wearing shirts in both pictures that Candy sent! :)

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