Well, well, well... what surprising news! We found out that Marcos' mother is expecting another child. This will be child number eight. I do know families in the area they are from have many children... there are a few reasons, one of which being lack of education on how to prevent pregnancies... but the main reason is because families here think it is very good to have large families... even if they are struggling to get by.

In more developments, I've found out that both of Marcos' younger siblings are now attending pre-school. This is very good news! I am thinking neither of them are most likely sponsored... if you are interested in sponsoring either or both children, please let me know - I will let you know what you need to do to make this happen. :)

Now that all of the children are in school, all will be able to eat while they are there!

Happy Easter, Oscar!

Happy Easter, Marcos!

Here is a beautiful photo of Marcos and his mother receiving their food in March.

Marcos, New Table

Now Marcos and his family have a table to set food on. I am sure this will sit nicely on their cement floor!

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