We are getting ready for round two,

Next weekend, we will be having another garage sale. This weekend, I'll be organizing the garage. I should know by tonight exactly what will go in the sale and what will not.

I'm decluttering the house...

Here I go! I'm off & racing! :)

Smiling Faces

It is amazing to me how happy this family looks. Even though they are very poor, they still find something to smile about.

The woman in the blue shirt is the mother to these four beautiful children. Her husband passed away a couple of months ago.

This is Rafaels family.

I really wanted to share this photo with you all... it's beautiful.

Marcos is very special to us... he is our first sponsored child in Guatemala. I can't wait to meet him, and I know my son is very excited about meeting him as well! :)

Today was just an amazing day! Awesome! The UPS man rang the doorbell. Low and behold two boxes FILLED to the brim with clothing/hats to take to Guatemala! I will take lots of pictures of everyone recieving your gifts! Thank You! I am POSITIVE everyone will LOVE the shirts (well over 50!) and hats!
The shirts come in all different sizes... long sleeve and short sleeve. Sweatshirts, denim shirts... truly amazing! I for once, am.... SPEECHLESS!

More Easter Goodies

This brings me so much joy! :) We REALLY have been able to make a difference! This photo is of Rafael and his sisters! They look thrilled! :)

Rafael and his family will finally have clean drinking water! Also, look at his new duds for school!

I am thrilled to already have the photos of Oscar and his family with their Sweet Easter Bread, drinking chocolate, sugar and other goodies!

This makes me so happy! Thanks to God - and the garage sale we had this past weekend - things like this have been possible! :)

Wow, the children we sponsor have no idea what-so-ever that they have people in a whole different country praying for them every single day, many times a day! :)

This is one of the families Daphne sponsors. She sent the following photos this evening. I wanted to share them with you all. Although, this is not one of the families we sponsor - you will see that in almost all photos - the families use line to string their clothes on... you will see this families new bed, it's wonderful! It will keep them off of the cold floor at night.

Photos like this, should make you extra thankful for the blessings you have.

The outside of their home. Notice the cracks where the wind blows through... it does get cold where they live.

Look at that beaming smile! He loves the new family bed where his mother, he and his sister will sleep.

Notice how all of the families drape their clothing over a clothes line. If we cannot afford closets when I go down - I will at least take hangers to make it easier to hang clothing.


In most parts of Guatemala - Easter is a huge deal.

This year the families of Oscar - Rafael and Marcos will have sweet bread, drinking chocolate and sugar.

I will post photos in the future. :)

I am waiting for photos from one of the families Daphne sponsors. She called tonight, very upset. One of the families she sponsors is very - very poor. I know, we cannot help every single person in the world- but now, more than ever I truly know that Marcos - Oscar - and Rafael are in our lives for a reason.

You will see what I am talking about when I say POOR - once I post the photos.

To me, it's unimaginable how some people are so very rich- and some are so very poor. I don't understand it at all.

If I had millions - I could help SO MANY people!

I suppose there's a reason why I do not have millions...

Dear Lord, why is that?

LOL - I smile as I type that... someday I'll have the answer.

The time is fast approaching to go to Guatemala to meet our sponsored children and their families.

I am trying very hard to raise money to buy supplies and items that the families need.

I have been able to accomplish a few great things... you can read the blog below to see what we have been able to buy for the families.

All three of our families now have onil stoves on order. We also were able to send all three families water filters!

Here are some things we still need to purchase for the families:

All three families need pilas (sinks), all three families need table and chairs, all three families need at least one - two closets. Two of the families need chickens/starter chicken food and coops, at least one family needs the electricity hooked up.

I would like to see how much it would cost to have concrete floors put in the homes of our sponsored families. I am also curious to see how much it would cost to have a cement home built for Marcos and his family. I am hearing about 4,000 - but it could be more or less. I have to wait until our trip to actually check out the situation. This is just something I'm tossing around in my head. Marcos' home is made of mud brick. Basically, mud and sticks. Their old home was washed away in a really bad hurricane a couple of years ago. I'd hate to see this happen to them again. At least a cement home, they would have a little more protection.

What do you think of this? Maybe I want to help too much? Is that actually possible?


Look at how happy Marcos is... he has learned that there are people helping him and his family!

Today, we earned $480 in our garage sale! We decided to use that money to supply needs for the families of the children we sponsor.

We split the cost of an onil stove for Oscars family – also split cost of water filter and chickens… (split cost with the families that sponsor Oscars’ little sisters). Total= 92.50

Split cost of two beds with Rafaels sisters’ sponsor = $130.

One of Rafaels sisters sponsors supplied the family with an onil stove!

Marcos’ also has sisters. Their sponsors bought a bed and a water filter for his family.

I sent in the money so Marcos and his family will have a stove. $120. I also sent money for one more bed for his family. $130.

This means, we only have $7.50 left from the sale tonight – but look at what we accomplished!

A stove for Oscars family, a new bed and stove for Marcos’ family. A new stove, water filter and chickens for Oscars family. Two beds for Rafaels family.

Marcos' family still could use two more beds. All three families need a pila. One of the families is in need of a water filter. All three families need table/chairs, closets so they do not have to shove all of their clothes in a box. Rafael and Marcos both need chickens with supplies, I am waiting to hear if it is possible to hook up electric to Raphaels home. Oscars family still needs beds.

All families need food. I am taking blankets down in May (thanks to Candy!).

I could go on and on, but I am sleepy - it's been a long garage sale day - and I'm going to bed! :)

I will write soon with an updated list. J


I now have more photos of Marcos - and his family... along with their living conditions.

This is one of the two beds Marcos' family uses.

Their restroom.

The kitchen.
I know that we will and ARE making a wonderful difference in the lives of the families of the children we sponsor! :)

Since we have sponsored Oscar, he has his new school shoes! How exciting! Look at how happy he is with his new shoes! :)

Well, today we had a great surprise in the mail box! Our passports are already here! :) It makes our trip seem very close at hand!

Our AVON fundraiser starts in a couple of days, and ends March 30. I will let you know how we do! :)

Yard Sales....

This weekend, I'll be helping Daphne with her yard sale - and she gave me the idea to have a sale of my own next weekend, or possibly the weekend after. I'm going to talk with the families in my neighborhood to see if we can plan a neighborhood sale. Of course, their profits will be their profits - but it might help draw more attention to our sale if everyone has their own yard sale. :)

Everything we earn at our sale will go to our efforts in Guatemala. :) We have quite a bit of money to earn to help our three families - every little penny counts! :)

I'll keep you all posted. :)

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