Photos of Oscars Stove

Photos like this make me tear up! I'm so excited we have been able to work together to really make a difference for families like Oscar.

I am very motivated to be able to go and try to supply Oscars family with a pila (new sink), and a few other items such as beds, table & chairs. In doing this - Oscars family will be so much better off. His family is finally getting on their feet. :)

Here are photos of the inside of Oscars home. They have one bed, the children sleep on the floor. As you notice, the "bed" is not even a real "bed."

The roof is tin, it must leak - therefore they have a tarp.

Dishes are limited. The walls, as you notice in some photos are made of wood - with gaps in between. Only about a week left until our trip. I won't be able to do everything I'd like to on this trip, but hopefully by the end of the year all three families will be much better off than they were before we came into their lives.

Used Luggage

I'm keeping my eye out on CHEAP used luggage I can take with me to Guatemala... if you happen to know of someone who would be willing to donate, please let me know. :)

Garage Sale

Well, we had our garage sale yesterday... it went okay but I was hoping to have a better money total. We had $196. in sales. Not bad, but not nearly as well as we did last time.

Here are a list of items I would still like to buy for the families once we are there... it's not looking like we will be able to do everything this time... which I am a bit sad about... but, I guess every bit helps!

Table/chairs for all families (about $70 per family, plus delivery)
Chickens/coop for two more families ($135 for each family)
A pila (sink) for Marcos and Oscars families ($95 for each family)
Bed(s) for Oscars family, ($130 for each bed)
One more bed for Marcos' family ($130)

I'd like to buy shoes for the families while we are there - we only have two more weeks to raise money... shoes are aprox $25 a pair.

Also, one thing nagging at my heart - I want to give those little girls in Marcos' family baby dolls! I see only one in the photo - and it's missing a leg. I know this sounds silly for me to want to take the girls dolls, as they odviously need other things- but I think the girls will be very thankful.

Closets would be nice (aprox. $70 plus delivery), but when I go visit - I will scope out the area, I'm actually afraid if we buy them too much they may have things stolen? I'm not quite sure and need to check more into the culture of their area.

I will be squeezing clothes line in my luggage, as well as all of the blankets and shirts/sweatshirts/hats one of our friends donated. I will also pick up things at the market for needy families.

I'm either going to pack hangers or buy hangers once I get there to give the families. Even if they do not have closets, they can use the hangers to hang the clothes on the line...

I already have the date I will be going to see Marcos and his family. We will have to pay for transportation - it is about $45 US from the oragnization to his home across the lake.

Here are photos as a reminder to us of Marcos' home:

I was very surprised when I checked my email yesterday morning. It said, I in fact had a donation of $100. given to my son and I for our upcoming trip.

Aaron, blogger of Iron Sharpens Iron - sent a most generous donation.

Please check out his blog if you have not - it's very good. He uses life experiences that we all have.... :)

Just a few more short weeks until our trip, I can't wait! I'm so excited I can barely stand it!!! :)

A HUGE thank you to Aaron, I know many will be blessed because of your gift!

Thank you to Aunt Sandy for donating $40. to help the people we are going to meet in Guatemala! :) I will be sure to take photos for you - so you will be able to see what the money was used for.

With our biggest focus on Guatemala, that's not all my Operation Obligation journal is about.... (although it seems like it lately).

Doing small things in the community are also good - and I challenge you to try out some things that we have recently done...

  1. Let that person who only has one can of soda in the grocery store go ahead of you in the line.
  2. An older man who looked like he did not have much money at all had one box of instant mashed potatoes at the store. I couldn't help but tell him I would pay for the box of instant potatoes. The box of mashed potatoes cost only $1. He left the store with the biggest smile I had seen in a long time!
  3. Help your neighbor clean their yard... my son did this last week. A lady in our neighborhood - her husband is deployed. My son helped her catch up on her yard work, as well as scooped up after her dog.
  4. Look around for nice things you can do for someone. I like trying to keep my "good deeds" a secret. That's the best. Have you ever paid for someones McDonalds - and had the workers keep it a secret? Try it, it's a very rewarding experience.
Not long ago, our Pastor preached about doing things like this... we had a campaign in our church called Revolutionary Love... read about it here. :) In case you are wondering, Revolutionary Love is showing the love of Jesus - no strings attached. :)

Well, today we have had rain off and on - but guess what? I decided to check the forecast for the weekend... and we only have a 20% chance of rain - that's excellent news! Keep praying! :)


While my son and I are gone, I decided it would be wonderful to have the children we meet draw a picture for us to bring back with us.

I am not going to spend my money on souvenirs - so I thought this would be the perfect "thing" to bring home with us.

I decided to take a $1 sketchbook from the Dollar Store and decorate it... this is what my son and I are taking on our trip for the kids to draw in. :)

Wow, so often here in North Carolina we are praying for rain. It has been very dry. The weather man says we are in a drought... however, we have had rain every Saturday for the past three weeks!

Will you all pray with me that this weekend will be a beautiful weekend, that we will NOT have rain this weekend?

Rain or shine (and I mean it! LOL) we are having the yard sale - THIS COMING WEEKEND!


Let's all agree together in prayer that we will have beautiful weather for a garage sale... we really need to earn more money to make a huge difference in the lives of the families we sponsor in Guatemala. While we have helped to accomplish many wonderful things... there's still work to be done. :)

Also, Daphne and I have made a few contacts with people in the cities we are going to... Christian contacts! :) I believe we are going to experience many wonderful things - that we will each of us be blessed by our experiences and also that the people we come in contact with will experience wonderful things as well. Life changing! :)

Rafael and his family have a new pila (sink). You can tell by the smile on their faces how happy they are to have a sink! Running water will be hooked up to it, and they have a water filter... this is SUCH a blessing to the family!

Big thanks to one of Rafaels sibblings sponsors (wow, that was a mouth full!)!

We Have Chickens!

Oscar, with his two sisters... more photos coming soon! :)


Oscar has his first report card... and his nice school clothes on! :)

You wouldnt believe it! The weather man says more rain this Saturday. I'm getting a little nervous - in two days it will officially be one month until our trip. I'd still like to raise more money - please pray about that!

Here's one great thing that happend today -

A huge thank-you to Kens sister, Sandia - who sent a check for $150! This was a very wonderful surprise!!


Well, last weekend the weather man called for rain. We did have quite a bit of rain, it's hard to complain though. We were in a pretty severe drought.

Guess what? The weather man is again calling for rain... that's not great for the people who like to go to garage sales! Please either 1. Pray that the rain will go away or 2. If it's not met to be this weekend - we can for sure have the sale next weekend!

I do know, it will be nice to have a nice tidy garage again also!

Kens parents sent Hunter & I a check for $300. This will be used to go to help with the cost of air travel to and from Guatemala. This was a huge blessing! We were not expecting this at all. This means, it frees up $300 from our account to go to help the families in Guatemala!

Thank you Mom & Dad K!

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