Update! We have raised over $600 in books for MF.... and we will be receiving 50% more books for free! This is a total of $900 in books so far!

~~~happy dance~~~

So far, we have "raised" just over $350 in books!

Let's keep going, once we reach $500 in book sales... we will have 50% more given to the kids in Guatemala for FREE.

http://www.nutsaboutbooks.com (click MAYAN FAMILIES)

Here's an update on the plans for the cement floor ((for Marcos and his family)):

Hi Patti,

They have arranged to start work the first week of October. It is still raining heavily and it makes travel to Tierra Linda and carrying bags of cement a little difficult but it is easing and they have made all the arrangements. I know that you can well imagine trying to carry bags of cement down that hill to Marcos house in the rain!
It is also a public holiday for Guatemalan Independence Day within the next two weeks and a lot of school activities, combining that with the workers still finishing up the construction in Tierra Linda for the community center we did not have extra people to put on it. But the first week in October it will be done. It should only take a couple of days to do it. We will take lots of photos and send them to you.
Thank you so much for all the positive changes you have made for Marcos.
So glad to hear that the book fair is going so well!
warmest regards,
Sharon (from Mayan Families)

I have contacted Sharon, and have had her okay to start a book fair to raise books to send to Mayan Families. Mayan Families will donate the books to schools or children in their area as they see fit.

The book fair begins today, and ends on September 27.

If we can sell at least $500 worth of books, we will then receive 50% in books for free.

Please check out the efair by clicking HERE . You will see MAYAN FAMILIES listed on the right side of the page. Click that link and then continue to shop.

Please pass the word around! Pass the word around. This is your chance to help send books to Guatemala, with no shipping charges to you. I will pay shipping costs in the upcoming shipment! Books start out as little as under $3 a piece on our wish list.

People can either buy books for themselves (and have them shipped to their own homes), or if they click MAYAN FAMILY WISH LIST - those books will be shipped to my house, in return I will send them in the next shipment.


Here's the link:

http://www.nutsaboutbooks.com - be sure to click on MAYAN FAMILIES under active efairs.


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