As many of you know, in 2008 we had a great book fair. Well, my
husband and I have decided to do it again!

Shipping is free to you!

Please CLICK HERE purchase books, be sure to go to our Wish List. :)

You MUST click the link that says MAYAN FAMILIES - this is SO important.

Then, please make sure the books you order are in Spanish. :)

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to have books sent to
Guatemala for FREE. All you have to do is pay for the books, I will
pay for the shipping.

Also, if we sell over $500 in books, we will get another 50% worth of
books for FREE! So, we really want to sell at least $500 worth of books.

I do not make a profit at all from this book fair. I do not earn free
books for myself. Any books we receive for free, will go directly to
Mayan Families to benefit the kids there.

Please pass this information to everyone you know!!

Again, CLICK HERE to go to the book fair, once you are there be sure to click on MAYAN FAMILIES.


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