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As we all know, food costs have risen dramatically in Guatemala (and everywhere else). In the past it had been estimated that nearly 50% suffered from malnutrition there, today I hate to even think about how high that percentage may go with these prices still on the rise and the scarcity of corn in recent months.

Along with education, good health is a necessary tool to help fight the cycle of poverty. Please consider the gift of vitamins as this shipment will surely arrive to MF in time for the holidays.

We now have a packing date for our Boston mini shipment in October so I'd like to throw a reminder out to anyone that would like to donate vitamins to their students & their families or for general distribution that now is the time to order.

This will be the last vitamin shipment for 2008. I will need to go out of town at the end of September so I probably should say that the 20th is the deadline. To donate a bottle of 1000 tablets costs $25.00 which covers all shipping too.

To donate for general distribution, donations in any amount are always welcomed.

What I will need:

$25.00 per bottle (1000 tabs). You can pay via paypal to dogpatchgreens@... or contact me for my address to send payment.

Student NAME and NUMBER

Please remember that you should expect all members living in the house to share these. You can find those living together listed on your student's page and divide 1000 by that number to know how long they should last (children under 4yrs. 1/2 tab daily). MF will instruct the families about safety and dosage.

Thank you again to all that have participated in the past vitamin shipments, together we really can make a difference!



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