While in Guatemala, one little boy touched my heart. I've often wondered what has happened to him.

While on facebook recently, Karen Pickett from Education & More had a photo that caught my eye on her online photo album.

To my surprise, it was the little boy that has been on my heart.

He was sitting on the side walk crying, because his family did not eat that day... or the day before.

He had to sell refridgerator magnets (that's what's in his basket)... he did not sell any that day, meaning they would go another day without eating.

We talked to him, and gave him money. He gave us a magnet, which has been hanging on our refrigerator ever since.

We are now looking for this little boy, so we can sponsor him to go to school.

Hopefully, he will be allowed to go to school. His family may not let him if he has to make a wage to help feed the family.

Please pray that our scouts will find this little boy.

I will keep you updated.


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