We Found Him!!

Patti Mort, with Mayan Families has found this little boy for us! This is fantastic news. Our family will be sponsoring him, we sent in money for his sponsorship, as well as money for emergency food for his family... here's a copy of the email that Patti wrote to me...

His family got in touch and he appeared at my door yesterday afternoon with his mother, the baby in the picture and two other street venders from his area who could write, thank goodness, as neither he nor his mother can and to take down names in Quiche is difficult for me.

What I found out so far is he is 13 years old and suppose to be in 2nd grade but not going to school because his family cannot afford to send him. His name is Jose Zut Tebelan and he is from a small area on the other side of Chichicastenango called Canton Sheabaj Primero.

The family is coming back to my house on Monday morning at 11 so I can take them up to Mayan Families to get their data and register him with a number. Is it alright with you if I give your email address and name and say you will be sponsoring him? That way they will contact you about it.

You should have seen his eyes light up when I asked if he would like to go to school. He also asked if his younger brother could go as well. I said we can start with him and see where it goes.
He must have made an impression on you for you to continue to look for him. Miracles happen all the time around here and you have just helped create another one.


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